Sandra Price with Jessica McGrath-Estes, physical therapist assistant

After a fall down the stairs at home caused multiple fractures, Sandra Price was unable to walk or take care of herself.


When Price arrived at Life Care Center of Coos Bay, Oregon, on June 14, 2018, she needed total assistance for walking, grooming, bathing, eating and getting dressed, as well as extensive assistance with her bed mobility and transfers. Her cognition and language skills were also impacted by the incident.


Physical, occupational and speech therapists all worked with Price to help her reach her goals. Physical therapists started her out with sitting balance exercises and core muscle strengthening. As she progressed, they helped her with standing balance activities, safe transfer training and gait training. Occupational therapists helped her relearn self-care skills, and speech therapists helped her with problem solving and language skills.


One tool that was especially helpful in Price’s recovery was diathermy, which the therapists used for pain management.


“It makes my pain tolerable, and now I can move my toes,” Price said while she wiggled her toes in her brightly colored socks.


“Sandy has demonstrated wonderful progress with therapy,” said Jessica Estes, physical therapist assistant. “She has been driven and determined to reach her prior level of function through hard work. She could not sit or stand without the assistance of two people when she came to us, and she is now able to walk down the hall with one person there to help steady her.”


“I love this place, and the best part of it is that I am able to walk again,” said Price. “The therapy department has been amazing, especially Amy Barth, my speech therapist. She is so funny and made doing therapy fun. Because of her, I am able to talk better, and I do that a lot.”


Price also thanked her certified nursing assistants for sharing their sense of humor, as well as the kitchen staff for working with her allergies and preparing good food.


Price is now able to feed herself independently and requires minimal assistance with walking, bed mobility, transfers, bathing and dressing.


As Price nears the end of her rehab stay, she looks forward to being able to get outside in her garden again and grow flowers.


“I will be gardening again someday,” Price said with a smile.