Left to right: Andy Westbrook, physical therapist assistant; Rodney Dean, occupational therapist assistant; Jessica Estes, PTA; and Brent Powers

After a stroke left Brent Powers with poor balance, a reduced ability to perform activities necessary to daily living and low safety awareness, he came to Life Care Center of Coos Bay for rehabilitation on March 27, 2019.


The facility provided physical, occupational and speech therapies to improve Powers’ balance, help him perform self-care tasks with independence and regain his cognition.


Physical therapy used strengthening exercises and equipment to help Powers regain his balance and walk with confidence again. Occupational therapy focused on retraining him to accomplish everyday tasks, like dressing and bathing, without assistance, and speech therapy worked to help him communicate fully with others and become more aware of his surroundings.


Powers was overjoyed with the quality of his stay at Life Care Center of Coos Bay, and he had great things to say about several members of the teams that helped him recover.


“The therapy department at this place is fantastic,” said Powers. “They really stand out. I would like to personally thank Jessica [Estes, physical therapist assistant], because she is very kind and caring, and you can tell she has compassion for her patients. Rodney [Dean, occupational therapist assistant] is funny and he makes working fun. TJ [Vora, director of rehab] is the business man who tells you what to do and makes sure you do your best. I credit him for my success. Andy [Westbrook, PTA] is a great motivator who is very precise in explaining things, which made therapy so much easier. My amazing nurse, Robin [Barnes] took such good care of me, and she is very attentive and compassionate. I had such a good experience here, and I highly recommend this place to both my family and friends.”


Powers finished therapy on June 14.