Left to right: Tejas Vora, physical therapist; Wayne Kusserow; and Jessica McGrath, physical therapist assistant

Wayne Kusserow came to Life Care Center of Coos Bay, Oregon, on Aug. 3, 2017, as a result of acute osteomyelitis, a type of infection, in his right hand.


He was very weak when he arrived and needed maximum assistance for all his self-care activities.


Thankfully, he didn’t stay that way, thanks to the team at the facility.


Kusserow did physical and occupational therapies six days a week. Therapists used the Omnicycle and NuStep® machines to help him exercise his lower and upper body to restore strength and get him back in motion.


When Kusserow returned home on Nov. 10, he had made a complete turnaround. He was able to groom and dress himself, transfer himself from surface to surface, balance while sitting or using a walker, and walk with a four-wheel walker.


“Wayne achieved these results through hard work, determination and perseverance,” said Kelly Squire-Hamblet, director of rehab.


“Therapy is great,” said Kusserow. “It was wonderful and very rewarding. Everyone was so nice and helpful.”